Student groups and associations

Students at IAU, Ayatollah Amoli branch are actively involved in forming social, cultural and scientific groups and associations. A good example of these is the Islamic Associations of Students made up of volunteer students. Students association obtained awards in different fields at the international festivals and stood the highest place in world student games in wrestling, lifting, Ping-Pong in 2012 Olympic in London. Students of this university also received gold medals in different international festival of inventors, initiators, and innovators. The scientific union is active in the fields of science and research in various disciplines in Islamic Azad University, Ayatollah Amoli branch. Some of their main scientific and research activities include presenting papers and studies in national and international seminars and conferences, publishing papers in reputable journals, conducting and presenting research projects, presenting new ideas leading to innovations, participating in international Olympiads and other activities which help the scientific growth of our students. Also, members of scientific student unions are active in conducting scientific workshops and seminars in order to help increase their knowledge and share ideas and information among members.