Vision and Mission Statement of IAU, Ayatollah Amoli branch


  • Vision Statement

The central vision of the IAU, Ayatollah Amoli branch is in line with the the future outlook of the Islamic republic of Iran in the horizon of the next two decades. To materialize the provisions and enactment of the Islamic Azad University High Council of Planning, IAU, Ayatollah Amoli international branch will have the following features under the horizon of this outlook:

1- Creative and entrepreneual university effectively contributing to the economic growth and development of the country;

2- Pioneering in production of science, knowledge and theories;

3- Active collaborator in many international scientific projects and Olympiads;

4- Leader in providing educational and research services to the strata of the society;

5- Being acknowledged and respected in the national and international community;

6- Promoting cultural and religious activities;

7- Increasing the quality of programs by adopting more research oriented policies based on the needs of society;

8- Having graduates who are contributing to build a better future human society;

9- Establishing research centers and corroborators for conducting applied researches.


  • Mission Statement

As a prestigious and great scientific center at the national and regional levels, IAU, Ayatollah Amoli international branch is committed to contribute towards increasing the welfare, economic, social, and cultural development of the society, relied on higher share of human resources. IAU, Ayatollah Amoli international branch also commits itself to appropriately respond to the educational and research expectations of the society and of its beneficiaries through improving the qualitative aspects of its educational and research services. Through building up and strengthening of a healthily scientific competition with other academic and research systems and institutions and through offering curricula worthy of the information era, the IAU is missioned to train entruprural experts to materialize the future outlook of the Islamic republic of Iran in engineering, basic, applied, medical, and human sciences.