Our History

History of IAU

IAU is one of the greatest success stories of higher education in Iran and the region, if not in the World. Since its inception in 1982, it has grew profoundly both physically and academically to become one of the largest HE institutions globally. Over the years, IAU has promoted ‘ higher education for all ‘ as its key objective. This has been a challenging task but the University managed to overcome many of the challenges by creating a community of hardworking  students and staff in every corner of the country. Three decades of academic hard work and perseverance have now bore fruit and we are proud to have a community of  over 4 million graduates, 1.7 million current students, 29 thousands faculty members and over 35 thousands administrative staff. With 472 campuses and research centers in the homeland and 4 campuses overseas, scattered over an area exceeding 20 million sqm, together with a range of hospital, laboratories, workshops, sports facilities, recreational areas and ITC facilities, IAU now welcomes many applicants locally and internationally. All these together with 617 SAMA high schools affiliated to the University with nearly 53,000 students across Iran, along  with 124 vocational centers make the IAU a unique and popular educational center.


History of IAU, Ayatollah Amoli International branch (AAIB)

Creation and development of Islamic Azad university has been the cornerstone and the foundation to raise and educate a new generation of youth. AAIB tasked to enhance the youth education enabling them to specialize and be more efficient The Ayatollah Amoli Branch of the Islamic Azad University was founded in Amol in 1999. This university is named after Ayatollah Mirza Hashem Amoli, who was a famous scholar of jurisprudence in our country. He donated a piece of his land for the enhancement of knowledge and scientific development, and this is the Ayatollah Amoli University is now located. In relatively no time AAIB grew so fast that presently it is home to a dedicated team of experts in a  stunning 30,000 square meter venue comprising educational and research facilities, advanced laboratories and a great number of amenities, built on 72 hectares of land in the heart of a forest. This branch currently has six faculties: 1) Basic Science, 2) Technology and Engineering, 3) Agriculture and the Food Industry, 4) Physical Education, 5) Pharmacy, and 6) Architecture, Art, and Humanities. Our population has grown to 10,000 students and researchers registered in 95 programs and a growing innovation enterprise. Developing a pharmaceutical science course and 13 PhD courses at this University has been a unique achievement in Mazandaran Province. The research and educational processes in the AAIB are in line with the provisions and enactment of the Islamic Azad University High Council of Planning and those of the Ministry of Science. The graduate and PhD students of the AAIB along with the faculty members have so far published numerous papers in ISI journal paving the way for accomplishing and promoting the mission and vision of the university. The university has striven to provide a superior educational environment for our students and to train them to be industrious, well-educated and intelligent students that prioritize scientific edification in their whole lives. Such students can contribute to the scientific, economic, cultural, political and social development of their motherland and the future needs of society.