University Chancellor’s Message

Ahmad Shahidi (PhD)
Chancellor of Islamic Azad University Ayatollah Amoli International Branch

University Chancellor’s Message

On the behalf of the university, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Islamic Azad University (IAU), Ayatollah Amoli international branch, on what we are proud of offering our students an inspiring place to study. The rapid development of this university, underpinned by innovation, entrepreneurialism, and academic excellence, has been driven by exceptional talent of students and staffs. We are justifiably proud of our reputation and an ethos that have an active role in the cultural life of the country and an active collaborator in many national and international scientific programs.

Since my arrival in this university, we have been considering what Ayatollah Amoli international branch would be like in the future. However, no one can predict what the precise form future innovations will take, the evidence of many researchers in the field of future studies indicates that pioneering organizations will be the most successful. The production lines of huge factories have evolved to meet their users’ demands, as factories that cannot meet their users’ needs adequately will inevitably decline. In the same way, successful universities of the future will be expected not only to preserve the standard and consistency of their academic programs, but also to fulfill their clients’ varying demands. Universities must respond to a variety of social circumstances. Societies need universities that can offer not only long-term education, but also good short-term courses, lifelong education, and courses offered in conjunction with other reliable institutions. Universities are responsible for producing an efficient work force suited to new job opportunities, which will in turn contribute to job creation. At the same time, universities must refine and improve existing technologies, and develop new ones. It is no longer enough for universities to boast of the number of their graduates; their focus must now be on giving students an education that will equip them for job opportunities after graduation. The IAU, Ayatollah Amoli international branch is a university for the future. It attempts to furnish students with a bright prospective future through its excellent facilities and dedicated team of experts.

To ensure that we strengthen our reputation, we are committed to enhancing the quality of our teaching and learning as well as our research programs. As a part of our five-year strategic plan, we expect to expand our collaboration with overseas universities, educational and research institutions around the world. Our students come different backgrounds and cultures, but we are happy to share an ethos that admires openness, inclusiveness, and collegiality. Let us ensure that the work we do at this university forms part of the innovations necessary to develop a bright future for our country.

Ahmad Shahidi (PhD)