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 The IAU Director General for International Affairs Announced: “The 33th International ASAIHL Conference will be held at Islamic Azad University”
The IAU Director General for International Affairs announced the holding of ASAIHL 33th international conference in December 2018 which will be hosted by Islamic Azad University-Qazvin branch.
16 Monday April 2018  5:49
 The faculty member of AAIB investigates the treatment for refining industrial wastewaters
Dr. Hassan Taher Mansour, the Associate Professor of Ayatollah Amoli International Branch, has carried out an investigation on the treatment of industrial wastewater to protect the environment
13 Tuesday March 2018  6:8
 Jalil Farjad: If I were young I would choose IAU Ayatollah Amoli branch
Jalil Farjad is an Iranian theater, cinema and TV actor. He visited IAU, Ayatollah Amoli branch
12 Monday March 2018  5:40
 IAU International Affairs Acting Director General Appointed
The President of Islamic Azad University (IAU) appointed Dr. Alireza Sheikh Attar as the Acting Director General for Int’l Affairs via the following decree: Dear Dr. Alireza Sheikh Attar ...
19 Monday February 2018  12:27
 Islamic Azad University - (IAU) Ayatollah Amoli Branch and Foyle International, Northern Irland will sign an MoU
The Deputy of Education and Graduate Studies of the IAU’s Ayatollah Amoli Branch, IAU announced to expand mutual collaborations with Foyle International...
2 Saturday December 2017  10:58
 According to Public Relations’ Report, the book of Science, Ethics, and Society is a book on complex and difficult topics in philosophy as well as epistemology
This book is published in 278 pages in 10 chapters. The author has written in the second part of the preface to the second edition of this work...
25 Saturday November 2017  13:22
 Non-Iranian Students studding at domestic and oversee branches
Dr. Ebrahimi the director general for international affairs of IAU announced that “Approximately 9000 Non-Iranian students are currently studying at domestic and overseas branches of Islamic Azad University (I.A.U)”.
15 Wednesday November 2017  14:9
 Dr. Farhad Rahbar was appointed as the new head of the Islamic Azad University
Following the approval of Farhad Rahbar as the head of Islamic Azad University by Iran's Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution...
15 Tuesday August 2017  11:11
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