The 5th of Shahrivar is the birthday of one of the great scientist of the Islamic world, physician, chemist, pharmacist Hakim Mohammad Zakaria Razi

13 September 2021 | 11:47 Code : 918 News
Dedicating his birthday as Pharmacist Day is a kind of honoring the position of pharmacist in the health system and emphasizing the important and irreplaceable role that pharmacists play in preserving and restoring the most cherished aspect of human existence, namely health.
In fact, pharmacists have a very sensitive and important position in the field of health. And during the last few decades, especially after the Islamic Revolution, we have witnessed their extensive activities to raise public health by improving the pharmaceutical industry, and production of high quality and high technology drugs.

I congratulate the pharmacist's day to all pharmacists in the country, especially the hard-working professors of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the dear students of Ayatollah Amoli University. Wish you all the success and happiness.

Dr. Hamed Barjasteh

President of Islamic Azad University Ayatollah Amoli Branch

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