Ayatollah Amoli International Campus Offers Special Privilege to the Invited Candidates

17 April 2017 | 00:00 Code : 37 Announcement
 Shahidi, the vice-chancellor for the education affairs, said that intended privileges are notable in comparison with other IAU branches and then reiterated IAU offers students free English language course on EGP with six credits. He added: "|the use of training workshops Oxford language college (OLC) on the basis of coordination and possibility of D8 groups countries (eight developing countries) in Ayatollah Amoli international branch is the other privileges of students studying in the international campus of this university."

The vice-chancellor for the education affairs said that we have also considered some financial aids  and then emphasized: "appropriate and different conditions for paying tuition are privileges that are considered for the students of Ayatollah Amoli international branch."

Shahidi added: Ayatollah Amoli International Campus is fully prepared to provide facilities and welfare needs for enthusiastic applicants to continue their master and Ph.D. programs. He noted the following contact numbers for the candidates' questions.


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