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Non-Iranian Students studding at domestic and oversee branches
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Dr. Ebrahimi the director general for international affairs of  IAU announced that “Approximately 9000 Non-Iranian students are currently studying at domestic and overseas branches of Islamic Azad University (I.A.U)”.

“Admission of non-Iranian students is a process under direct interaction with Student Affairs Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology regarding Consular, Visa, and Accommodation affairs,” Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi mentioned.

“Islamic Azad University is leading in non-Iranian students’ admission. For this purpose, the website for the admission of Non-Iranian students without entrance exam was launched in 3 languages (Persian, Arabic, and English), reachable at: “fstudent.iau.ir”. Accordingly, there is no need for students to have physical presence at university branches or central organization for the registration process. Accordingly, 2352 applicants have registered via the website since December 2015,” He added.

“Islamic Azad University Central Organization is the principal organization for Non-Iranian Students’ admission. Among the objectives of Int’l Office is to admit at least 50 thousands non-Iranian students till 2025,” Dr. Ebrahimi pointed out.

He also mentioned that Islamic Azad University has three overseas branches in Emirates, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, and totally more than 3000 students are currently studying at these branches. Dr. Ebrahimi declared that IAU branches, and majors in Lebanon, and Afghanistan will be expanded.  “Further to the MoU signed between IAU and Iraqi side, the University’s branches will be established in 5 cities of Iraq,” Dr. Ebrahimi declared. Dr. Ebrahimi also referred to the study plan for the settlement of IAU branch in Azerbaijan further to the meeting of IAU president with the Azari ambassador to Tehran.

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