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The Nippon Foundation donates books to AAIB Central library

The Nippon Foundation was established in 1962 as a non-profit philanthropic organization, active in Japan and around the world. Initially their efforts focused largely on the maritime and shipping fields, but since then the range of their activities has expanded to education, social welfare, public health, and other fields—carried out in more than 100 countries to date. They are funding and assisting community-led efforts aimed at realizing a more peaceful and prosperous global society.

   Their mission is social innovation. Through this innovation they aim to achieve a society all people support one another, reducing the burdens and challenges they face together.

    The Nippon Foundation aims to donate 94 books to AAIB central library. The purpose of the donation is to support study and research in Iran and enhance understanding between the two countries in different filed of studies such as Politics, History, Social affairs, Management, Literature, Family and Social policy in Japan.

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