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The First International Workshop: Training for Trainers
The workshop collaborated with Petrel College of Technology, Canada.  It aimed to uncover new approaches in language teaching with the sub-theme of Curriculum Development and Pedagogy for English Language Instructors. English Language instructors who were interested in enhancing their skills in latest methodologies used in curriculum development and most recent technologies utilized in teaching English as Second Language took the advantage of this international workshop. This course was provided for English as Second Language teachers in Language departments. The course explored number of topics, materials and teaching strategies which extended candidates’ knowledge and skill for the teaching of English.
       The participants were be able to demonstrate their growing understanding of Teachers’ Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards (Care, Respect, Trust, and Integrity) by conducting themselves as an educator both in the faculty and on placement, to participate actively in classroom management scenarios to become familiar with the expectations of student behavior and appropriate student engagement in classroom participation as modeled by the instructor, to incorporate technologies appropriate in their lesson planning and presentation to their colleagues.  The inspiring and talented participants presented their DEMOs at the end. By the end of this program, the students were awarded with Canada’s Petrel College of Technology Certificate.

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