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Dr. Fazel Larjani's congratulatory message addressing Ghasem Rezaee, the winner of an Olympic bronze medal in Rio

The President of Islamic Azad University Ayatollah Amoli branch congratulated  Ghasem Rezaee, the student of the very branch and the member of Iran's national

team of Greco-Roman wrestling Amol, for winning a valuable Olympic bronze medal. The text of Dr. Fazel Larijani's message is as follows:


Dear Mr. Ghasem Rezaee,

Your gratifying success in winning a valuable Olympic bronze medal and raising

 the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran pleased the Iranians, especially the great

society of the Islamic Azad University as well as the appreciative people of Amol.

I congratulate you, your dear family, the respected President of the Islamic Azad

University as well as its honorable professors, students and colleagues for

achieving the third place in an Olympic game. 
28 Sunday August 2016  13:15

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