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Dr. Fazel Larijani's view on the Festival of the Educated

In the ceremony of the 34th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Islamic Azad University, Dr. Fazel Larijani, the chancellor of Islamic Azad University Ayatollah Amoli Branch referred to Aytollah Hashemi's visit to the exhibit of works, achievements, and activities of the incubator and knowledge-based centers of the branches, and stated: "It was so encouraging and inspiring. as Aytollah Hashemi rightly mentioned in his speech that the Islamic Azad University has entered a new stage of its evolution."

Larijani believing that the new strategic policies of the university and ingenious ideas of Dr. Mirzadeh, the Respected President of the IAU, has created new atmospheres and broadened horizons, asserted: "These policies not only cause dynamism of the branches of the Islamic Azad University but also lead to outstanding results and ample gains of which is the fact that they strengthen the link between the university and the industry as well as the society”. The Head of Ayatollah Amoli Branch of the Islamic Azad University asserted that as time passes the very flow will get deeper and more fruitful, and it will be highly probable that these motions, through optimized supporting and directing, lead to an economic boom especially to the implementation of economic strength in the society.    


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