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The Eighth Meeting of Amol ҆s Society of School Construction Donors

Dr. Fazel Larijani praised the actions of school construction donors and said: 'When we observe the attempts of the honorable school constructors, we see these actions can show how charity vision penetrates in the society.' He then added: 'The action of the school construction donors is knowingly, moral, Godly and holy.' 

He, stating that human thought has always been concerned with education, argued: 'Many thinkers throughout the history have attempted to explain the goals of education and the corresponding effects on the individuals and the society. He, referring to the different opinions of philosophers about education, stated: 'According to Plato, the second teacher, the society will be achieved prosperity if the leaders of that society are wise and just. The chancellor of Ayatollah Amoli branch, stating that a good teacher is someone who arouses students' enthusiasm in learning, reiterated: 'Avicenna stated the goals of education about 700 years ago and referred to the issue of entrepreneurship and business.'

Larijani believed that the skill and art are prerequisite for growth and innovation and said: 'Nowadays, one of the most important goals of education should promote creativity. Dr. Larijani, appreciating the school construction donors, recapitulated: 'The effort of these loved persons is a positive step in helping the government to raise the per capita education in the country.


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