An Elite who considered to be top student in 2018

22 May 2018 | 00:00 Code : 106 News
Elham Moderi announced the procedure to be assigned as the top student. She mentioned that " First, I was considered to be the top student in my university.
An Elite who considered to be top student in 2018

Next , the provincial government received the CV of top students among different branches in IAU. Hopefully, I was ed among university student in Mazandaran".  Elham Moradi is a Ph.D. student in agrology. She is going to have her viva session next month. She mentioned that " I live in Tehran. I received my BS and Ms in Tehran science and Research branch. I entered the Ph. D. program as an  exceptional talent".  She continued that " I ranked the second top student the elite organization. Accordingly, I was introduced as the exceptional talent. I polished my book. I have also registered an invention".  To her, a top student should have the following characteristics: A top student is a hard working one. S/he would not disappoint. When a top student initiates a new project, s/he may face many problems. The point is that, she keeps going on and does not wait for any assistance.
She further added that this university has a charming and beautiful campus. It is very peace, calm and unique for educational and research program. She further appreciated her parents for all the support and assistance during her life.

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